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Hand & Body Cream

Luxurious Cream / Lotion 

Our cream/lotion is made with premium oils that are beneficial for your skin, especially to rehydrate matured skin. We have a mixture of 3 different pure oils in our recipe - Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil.  In our cream we have added premium additives such as allantoin (to soothe and soften the skin, supports skin regeneration), and Vitamin B3 (helps build keratin that keeps your skin firm and healthy).

All of our cream/lotion are luxuriously handcrafted with our secret recipe and we don't use pre-made bases or the shortcut cold process methods which has additional ingredients (to help the process of emulsifying). Ensuring that what you put on your skin, is as naturally derived from plants. The fragrance oils used are skin-safe and imported from the United States of America. Our cream/lotion are safe from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. 


Our cream/lotion melts into your skin easily with out leaving the sticky and oily feeling, especially in our humid weather. Our cream/lotion has been compared by our customers with famous luxurious brands and it's on par with them at an affordable tag.

As we want you to enjoy your 'me-time' and to ensure freshness of our products -  our cream/lotions are made in small batches. 

All of our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.

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