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GOODBYE 2021, HELLO 2022!

2021 was a fantastic year for us! We have achieved so many goals this year that we feel surreal from it all.

First of all, we launched our website! Yes! This website was launched in February 2021. Since then, most of our customers - new and regulars can easily order their favorite luxuriously handcrafted bath and body care. Plus, ordering from our website, you can rake up “Selfcare Perks” points - so that you can get a fantastic discount on your next purchase.

Came March 2021, we were exhilarated when we were chosen to participate in Bangsar Shopping Centre’s (BSC) Artisan Market. Organized by Makers & Co, this Artisan Market was one bazaar on our “bucket list” because back in 2019, we had submitted our submission to BSC, we weren’t chosen to participate then. But we believe that everything happens for a reason, and it was good timing as we had “grown” since 2019. Even our booth presentation had improved from our first bazaar in 2019. We showcased our luxurious bath bombs in this market, proving that we are in the right industry. Our best bath bombs flew off the shelves! Plus, we had a socialite that dropped by and purchased some bath bombs from us :).

As 2021 is still a year of lockdowns, our beautiful and elegantly packed gift sets were our bestsellers. Proved to be perfect gifts to loved ones for their birthdays, anniversaries, and even just a self-care gift to our customers’ friends and colleagues. Our sets were the bestsellers for 2021 - ranging from the shower duo to the ultimate spa set. We had a few customers who wanted to customize, and we are happy that we managed to fulfill their requests.

We launched three new products in July - shower bombs, shower steamers, and Pedi bombs! We received such positive feedback, and orders were flowing in. Amongst these 3, our Pedi bombs remain the favorite throughout - just because it’s so adorable! Unfortunately, our shower bomb is back on the drawing board because we need to make something safer to be sent in postage (courier services aren’t as gentle as us). We still do sell them if we can personally deliver them to ensure that it is received as packed.

In July, we also launched our Queen Bombeez - this became our best-selling bath bombs! This bath bomb began our journey in hand-painting our bath bombs - even though it can be time-consuming, we found that painting is therapeutic, and it elevated our bath bomb designs. For this, we did take up boot camps to help us along the way.

We started receiving mini corporate orders that include self-care sets for their teams. We think it is such an excellent gift as we know many of us are stressed and exhausted from all these lockdowns. It is a perfect way to show your team how much you care for their well-being. One of the corporate orders 100 pairs of Pedi bombs!

After another round of lockdown, we again participated in BSC and Makers & Co Artisan Market for their Halloween edition (yay! Twice in a year to participate in BSC’s bazaar). We had so much fun

doing the bath bombs - with handpainted Jack & Sally Skellington bath bombs to monster-inspired designs to black cauldron bath bombs. Again, our luxurious bath bombs proved to be the best-selling product. We had our friends and regular customers visited us at this market, since the lockdown was lifted. The socialite that visited us in March revisited us, and this time around, we took a photo with her, Puan Sri Dayang Camelia!

During the BSC artisan market, we received an inquiry for another corporate order. Then, we learned that Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur was looking for bath bombs for their room package. After 1-2 weeks of sending our proposals and samples, lo and behold, they confirmed to take bath bombs from us! We were so happy and proud to be chosen, especially since we are small business owners. They started with an order for 120 sets (bath bombs and solid bubble bath), but they added on more orders over the weeks due to more room bookings. By 26 December, we had supplied a total of 570 sets! This includes 690 bath bombs and 570 solid bubble baths! It was indeed our biggest order yet! (And we thought 100 pairs of Pedi bath bombs was our most significant order for the year).

Besides collaboration with Traders Hotel, we collaborated with Darlings Honey and Sahara by Psamanthe for Christmas gifts. December was a month of partnership for us, and we love it! In between making bath bombs for Traders Hotel, Darlings Honey, and Sahara by Psamanthe, we fulfilled some Christmas orders for our regulars. We are sad that we couldn’t do more. We had plans for Christmas, but that will have to wait for later this year.

Overall, we had a good 2021, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2022!

And we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, family and friends who have supported our little biz. We are truly humbled by the love from all of you.

2022 New Year Greeting
Welcome 2022!

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Jan 01, 2022

Kudos Denise! It’s great and inspiring watching you grow Naturosqin into where it’s at the moment. I believe Naturosqin will continue expanding to achieve greater milestones this coming year! All the best!

Denise Wong
Denise Wong
Jan 01, 2022
Replying to

Thank you Eva ❤️

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