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The Ingredients That Make Our Bath Bombs Luxurious

If you Google bath bomb ingredients or recipes, you'll notice that the 2 main ingredients used are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, or most commonly known as baking soda. The fizz you see in bath bombs is the chemical reaction when these two ingredients are added to water.

We have to tell you that it's not as simple as it sounds, as we have cried many times over many failed batches! Our previous blog post shares our journey over a course of 3 years of making bath bombs plus appeasing the bath bomb Gods: "My Journey In Making The Best Bath Bombs".

We started with the basic ingredients - citric acid, baking soda, oil, skin-safe colourants, and lastly, water to help bind all the ingredients. Super easy right? It was good but it wasn't perfect. We wanted better! We wanted ingredients that make our bath bombs the best and luxurious - and we found it!

(Behind the scenes: making our luxurious bath bombs. Introducing "Bubbles" our mixer :D)

Most of the bath bombs in the market (in Malaysia and Singapore) will use a lightweight oil such as sweet almond oil or jojoba, for example, but our bath bombs are handmade with butter and oil. This is why our customers love our bath bombs!

I tried another bath bomb but NaturoSqin's (bath bombs) are still my favourite, makes my skin smooth after using- Nus, Customer

In our luxurious bath bombs, we added organic cocoa butter - normally used in lotions or body butter as it is an excellent emollient to soften and moisturise dehydrated skin; plus sweet almond oil, also another emollient for dry skin is full of vitamin E (note: if you have nut allergies, please let us know. We can always customise our bath bombs with another similar oil at no additional cost).

Another ingredient that you may not find in many handmade bath bombs in Malaysia, is buttermilk! Yes, you read that right! We added buttermilk to our bath bombs because of its skin-softening and moisturising benefits. This is due to the natural occurrence of lactic acid when producing buttermilk.

Besides having moisturising benefits in our luxurious bath boms, we also added mild surfactants derived from coconut to gently cleanse without drying your skin while you soak in the tub.

I love your bath bombs. It feels like I dunk myself in a sea of moisturising lotion, when I come out from the tub - Merissa A, customer

We enjoy giving you the best experience we can and hope that you try the selection of our fun and luxurious bath bombs (we love Queen Bombeez) and exquisite scents (our limited edition Not So Mini Bath Bomb). To reap the benefits of our luxurious bath bombs, we suggest that you enjoy them for at least soaking in the tub for 45 mins. (We also highly advise that you put on a "Do Not Disturb" sign outside your bathroom ;D).

Psst! On the other days, we highly recommend using our shower parfait in your daily shower routine. Our shower parfait is made with the premium mango butter that is much more moisturising and abundant in Vitamin E & C - perfect for our skin in our hot and humid weather. And to make your shower experience calming and exciting at the same time, our shower parfait is made with a good selection of skin-safe and phthalate-free fragrance oils that are imported directly from the US. If you get overwhelmed with the choices (We do too!), reach out to us and we can help you in recommending based on your preference. This is our personalised service to all our customers.

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