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Newly launched! Perfect for those that want to have a similar experience like bath bombs but don't have a bath tub.


Instead of having a fizz in the tub, this shower bomb will foam when water is introduced to it.  The foam acts like soap, so you can apply all over your body. 


Just like our bath bombs, it has moisturising organic cocoa butter and sweet almond oil to rehydrate your skin. You will feel soft and silky all over. Handcrafted with skin-loving ingredients that help rehydrate your skin and exquisite scents that you can inhale to help you relax and feel like a queen. 


Made with premium plant-derived ingredients that are safe from nasties - free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.


Fragrance oils used are skin-safe that are imported from the United States.



Champagne Pomegranate and Champagne Toast


Note: Due to rough handling by courier services, we have changed the packaging to pouches instead of jars. 

Shower Bombs - Champagne Toast & Champagne Pomegranate

Expected to ship 5-7 days upon order
  • +/- 90g 

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