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The damage-control solid conditioner bars consists of ingredients namely, BTMS 50, a cationic agent that helps in hydrating, conditioning and detangling our hair. We also added pure oils, panthenol and keratin as well to keep your hair moisturised, untangled, glossy and silky.  


Our newly-improved conditioner bar contains organic broccoli seed oil with moisturising fatty acids as well as vitamins that are essential to healthy hair growth. Our conditioner bar has no silicone added and is perfect for curly hair and those that is doing "The Curly Hair method".


Due to the conditioning and moisturising properties in our conditioner bars, it can double up as a shaving bar to ensure smooth shave on your legs and any other areas of your body. 


The fragrance oils used are skin-safe and imported from the United States of America. Our  conditioner bars are safe from parabens, sulfates and phthalates. 


Solid Conditioner Bar - Soft & Silky

  • +/-50g

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